Let's Talk Canna

Some information on Canna:

  • THC Free

  • For the product to be made it goes through a long process to assure best results

  • 3rd Party Tested

  • Free of chemicals

CBD Oil:

This oil can be used 1-2 times daily. It is to help with general health and wellness for the body and mind. Take a syringe full and place under the tongue, add it to a smoothie or food of your choice. It should last you the day! This great product can be used topically as well. Use it as a serum in your skincare routine. The oil can act as a moisturizer. This is a great product that is multifunction!

CBD Oil 500 mg

CBD Oil 1000 mg

Cryo Cream:

This product helps with relief in different parts of the body such as, shoulders, back, legs, feet, you name it! The product consist of Hemp oil and other relievers that have vitamins and fatty acids. The CBD cream targets whatever issues you are having whether it be with muscles, tendons, aches or nerves. Using the CBD Oil and Cryo Cream together makes it the most effective. To learn more information and ingredients click the link below.

Cream 500mg

Cryo Roll-On: Cryo Cream and Cryo Roll-On are very similar in that they both help with pain. The roll-on treatment has organic CBD Oil to help soothe the skin and take that pain away. It uses a cold therapy along with 1500mg of CBD Hemp Oil to help with relief. Can be used in the same areas as the cream. It is great to use for a post workout when you feel the muscles started to ache!

Roll-on 1500mg

Hemp Nutrition Moisturizer: Your skin is exposed to all kinds free radicals from the time you wake up to when you go to sleep. The sun and environment around you are big factors. This moisturizer is full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. It absorbs into the skin quickly giving fast and focused results to help fight against those free radicals. This Hemp Moisturizer helps with anti-aging and inflammation on the skin.

VitaH2 Moisturizer 500mg

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