Male Skincare

Lets face it, men want simplicity. So it can be quite overwhelming for men when it comes to skincare. There are quite a few products that treat so many different things it’s hard to figure out what you need exactly. You battled with acne during puberty and you thought that was the end of the battle. It was probably the beginning, but don't give up just yet. Your 60 year old self will thank you later, trust me. So before you start your skincare journey there are a few things that you should know about your skin.

The “T” word

Men, just like women, deal with pretty much the same issues like aging, pigmentation (brown/light spots), sensitivity, acne and of course the obvious, facial hair. However, there are a few differences between the skin conditions of men and women. Typically, men have a thicker dermis and epidermis which has a higher sensitivity. Men produce more sebum and have larger pores than women which means adding a daily moisturizer into their skin routine isn’t one of their main concerns. Since males have an acidic pH balance, their skin cells produce fewer antioxidants, which result in deeper facial lines and hyperpigmentation issues. Testosterone levels remain relatively constant until the male hits puberty. After that, the levels of testosterone become higher and higher which result in the “male characteristics” like increased hair growth.

Hairy Situations

So after the male goes through his “puberty phase” and deals with the weird odors, deepened voice, muscle development and aggressive behavior, he THEN has to go through the hair growth process. Now this is what really differentiates the males skin and females skin. Men get darker facial hair which is coarser than scalp hair and makes it harder for them to see any skin imperfections such as scarring, pigment inconsistencies and broken capillaries. This can be a distressing quality because they begin to have problems like ingrown hairs and razor-burn after shaving. The ingrown hairs cause inflammation which can be very painful. Facial hair also changes the texture and skin color giving you that 5 o’clock shadow appearance. Coarser skin means men have less adverse product reactions than women do. A good thing about facial hair is that photo-aging doesn’t happen as early as it does in women since the rugged, coarse look is valued and a sign of masculinity.

A Few Tips

When shaving try to avoid using a dull razor. Shaving is probably the most effective physical method of exfoliation, but you want to make sure that it is done with newer razors with spring mounted blades and shaving gels that reduce friction and minimize the occurrence of razor burn. Since shaving and testosterone can create higher sensitivity, it is best to start with a sensitive cleanser that is not high in fragrance to prevent the chances of breakouts. Even though the male skin creates more sebum, you still need to include a daily moisturizer. I would suggest getting a moisturizer that includes and SPF 30+ to protect and moisturize your skin. I also suggest that you add a toner to spray onto your face before you apply your moisturizer. Toners help lock in the moisture and the positive to that is your beard will really benefit from that extra moisture. Revata offers a variety of skincare products that are simple and paraben free and work great with all skin types. Fellas do not be afraid to ask questions about your skin! It does not demasculinize you in any way. In fact, some ladies like a man who knows how to take care of himself. ;)

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