Laser Hair Removal for Men

Men Can Do It Too!

Welcome to the new age! We are finding that more and more men are taking another route to hair removal instead of using the traditional options such as waxing, shaving, tweezing and using depilatory hair removal creams. Some have also tried electrolysis, which is another method of permanent hair removal but is expensive and time consuming. Laser hair removal provides a safe, painless and effective solution to removing unwanted hair in common places men find to be aggravating such as the back of the neck, chest and full back. It has also been known to reduce the amount of ingrown hairs men tend to get on their beard area. Now, I know what you’re thinking so let me go ahead and answer those questions that you are getting ready to ask.

Laser hair removal is fast and painless! It’s definitely something that can be done as a quick lunchtime treat. The advantage of LHR compared other methods is that the laser is the only technology that changes the way the hair grows back, causing it to grow back finer and slowly. Six or so treatments with occasional follow up treatments will be needed due to the fact that not all hair grows at once and goes through phases. During the growing process hair can enter the dormant phase, also known as the sleeping phase, which does not respond to the laser. It’s also best for this treatment to be tackled in the younger years because the laser targets pigment which gray and white hairs do not respond.

Here at Revata Medspa and Laser Center we make it our duty to answer any questions that you may have. Our consultations are very thorough and detailed.

You will not be able to get rid of the hair completely, but you will definitely see a huge improvement! The cooler seasons (like now) are the best times to get it done so you can be ready to show off that summer bod! So quit holding back tears while Olga rips out your hairs with wax strips! Call or message us today to schedule your consultation with our knowledgeable staff. You will not regret it!

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